Closed Captioning Software Downloads

  • If you purchased or upgraded to a Telestream version of CaptionMaker/MacCaption, please visit this link to download software updates: Download Software Updates
  • If you purchased software from CPC/Telestream prior to 10/28/2013, please contact Telestream to upgrade to a supported version of CaptionMaker/MacCaption.
  • The captioning software you purchased from CPC all those years ago has been serving you well. But on June 30th 2015, legacy CPC software reached end-of-life. That means your captioning software no longer benefits from updates or technical support. And coming up on December 1, 2015, Telestream will no longer offer a discount on an upgrade.

    Don't miss out on new formats, new features, expert support, and the discount you're entitled to with trade-in of your current license! Take advantage of current trade-in deals and make the switch to MacCaption and CaptionMaker Pro and or Enterprise edition captioning solutions!

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