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Live Closed Captioning

Live Broadcast and Live Webcast Closed Captions

To closed caption a live video broadcast or stream text on the web, you can use CaptionMaker-Live (Windows) software.

Text Input for Live Events

For both live video captioning and text streaming, you need a way to input the text in real time. It is not possible to type text on the computer keyboard as fast as people speak. There are two common practices - Steno typing and using a speech recognition software such as YouCaption. For more details, click on Steno machine vs. Speech recognition.

Live Closed Captioning for Broadcast

To closed caption a live video broadcast signal, you need a closed caption encoder hardware. They range in price from $1,200 to $10,000 depending on whether the video is analog, SDI or HD. CPC does not manufacture any closed caption encoder hardware, but can resell one to make a complete package for you. For more details, read about Live broadcast. For choices of closed caption encoder hardware, steno machines, steno software etc., click on Hardware Choices.

Live Text Streaming for the Web

To stream text on the web in real time, you need an internet connection to upload the text to your web server. The viewers will simply visit your web page and view the text on any internet browser like Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox; or iPhone and Blackberry type of devices to see the streaming text.

Live Webcast Captioning

CPC-800 (Windows) is our solution for live captioning of a live webcast using Windows Media. For more details, click on Live Webcast.

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