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Webcast Captioning

CPC-800 Lite and CPC-800

Post Production Webcast Captioning Workflow 

The two things you need for Post Production Webcast Captioning are a copy of your video, in Windows Media Player .wmv format, and the transcript of the video.  

Transcribing the video
If you don't have a transcript you can use foot pedal control like vPedal to help you control your video using your foot so you can keep both hands free to type as you transcribe it yourself.  Or you can use voice recognition software like Dragon Naturally Speaking where you watch the video and just speak into your microphone, repeating everything that is said in the video, to create your transcript.  Regardless of how you go about getting a transcript, you want to have it in plain text (.txt) format. 

Synchronizing captions to the audio
From here you will choose your video as the Source in the CPC-800 software and bring in your transcript.  The transcript will be broken up by line into individual captions.  Now you have to synchronize each caption with the audio by playing the video and pressing the "+" to assign a time code to each caption.  Once you are finished with the timing process you will export out a Tab Delimited Time Coded text file.  This is the file you will use to create your captioned video. 

Embedding captions to the video
In the CPC-800, you will set your video as the Source again and this time you will bring in your Tab Delimited Time Coded text file.  After that you can choose where you want to save your output file and what you want to name it.  You will also choose the bit rate or the quality you want your final video to be.  Once you have selected a destination for your final video and the quality you want it to be you will choose Start Broadcast and the captions will be inserted as your new video is encoded. 

Now upload this video with captions embedded in it on your web site and make a link for the viewers to click on.


Sample Video
with Captions

For sample videos captioned for the Web for WMP, RealPlayer, QuickTime,  Flash, iPod, iTunes, and Google, click here.

Click here, if you don't see captions.

1. Click here for Stand alone WMP 

2. click here for WMP, PowerPoint slides & searchable captions.


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